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Katrina Weidman
A&E’s Paranormal State
Chiller’s Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies
Destination America’s Paranormal Lockdown

Katrina Weidman, like many paranormal investigators, has had a passion for the supernatural since she was a young girl. Growing up in haunted houses and having unexplained experiences left her with a desire to seek out the unknown.

A graduate of The Pennsylvania State University, she has been working as a paranormal researcher since 2006. During her Penn State days she joined the world-renowned group, The Paranormal Research Society (PRS), and worked as their interviewer/case manager for several years (2006-2011).

After taking a short break from private investigating, Weidman is back and eager to help families and individuals with their paranormal needs. Her goal is to help them find resolution while moving the paranormal field forward.

Weidman has served as a lead cast member on A&E’s “Paranormal State”, which chronicled the real life cases of PRS. She also served as host on Chiller’s “Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies” and “Real Fear: The Truth Behind More Movies” which delved into the true events that inspired some of the world’s most iconic horror movies.

Currently, she can be seen hosting, alongside Nick Groff, “Paranormal Lockdown” on Destination America. Paranormal Lockdown follows the investigations of Weidman and Groff as they are confined to a haunted location for 72 hours in the hopes of encountering paranormal activity and documenting it. Paranormal Lockdown is currently filming season 2 and will air in 2017. 

In addition to her work in the paranormal and television Weidman is involved in many other endeavors. She’s the lead singer of the alternative rock band Away from 30, a lecturer, an actress and a volunteer crisis counselor. She will also be debuting a new haunted blog series via her website,, later this year. 

When she’s not working she can be found staying active with workout videos from the 1980s, cooking, reading about true crime, hanging with her cat Gus Gus and watching reruns of The Golden Girls.


Heather Taddy
A&E’s Paranormal State

A French and Film student at Penn State University, Taddy joined the Paranormal Research Society (PRS) after attending a lecture by Lorraine Warren, the world’s foremost expert on demonology and spirits.  From here, Taddy gained notoriety as the PRS ‘Team Documentarian,’ earning a role on A&E Network’s Paranormal State.

A Pennsylvania native, Taddy first recognized a curiosity for the paranormal after watching her older brother experiment with Ouija Boards. Her noticeable enthusiasm for music and fashion complimented the on-camera presences of some of the world’s highest esteemed experts.

Currently living in Pittsburgh, Taddy continues to entertain paranormal offers from various networks.  Besides serving as an investigator for Atherton Paranormal with former Paranormal State co stars Katrina Weidman and Josh Light,  Taddy also plays bass for Pittsburgh’s post-punk outfit, Glowworms. She makes art with used vinyl records, and cohosts music/horror themed Kettle Whistle Radio podcasts with author, David Fairhead.


Joshua Light
A&E’s Paranormal State

Josh Light is a bit of a contradiction. If you’ve seen him on Paranormal State (he was reasonably adept at hiding), you might think he’s the skeptic of the group. In truth, he’s a believer. A skeptical believer, mind you, but a believer all the same. He’s

more of a paranormal troubleshooter who gravitates to physics before metaphysics. That said, he’s just as comfortable reading an occult reference as he is thumbing through a paper on infrasound. He grew up in a mildly haunted house and trapped his first ‘ghost’ (his very much alive uncle) at the age of four.

When he isn’t investigating, studying, or exploring the paranormal, he’s reading, inventing, or making something or other. Some days that making takes the form of a giant leather-bound book shaped table, other days it’s a stair climbing robot prototype (he is an electrical engineer, after all). He can be found most evenings with a cup of coffee in one hand and a good book in the other.