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It’s that time of year, when the veil thins and communication with spirits is at its most accessible. Or at least the opportunity for investigating haunted locations really picks up in the fall. There are haunted houses and then there are haunted houses. Ghost hunts and walks spring up the world over and those wishing to have a paranormal experience are rife with choices and possibilities. We get excited here at Atherton Paranormal too, but we thought we’d take the time to offer up a few words of advice so that you don’t take anything more than an incredible experience back home with you.

There are innumerable methods to protect oneself. They range from forming a barrier with salt, to carrying religious objects/talismans/amulets, to simply taking a shower. And let’s not forget the simple power of prayer in all its different forms. Everyone has their own way of protecting themselves. And with that said, here are what the members of Atherton Paranormal do to keep themselves safe when they’re on a case.


What’s the one question I’ve been asked about my journeys in the paranormal field?  You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve been asked the following, “What’s the creepiest experience you’ve ever had? “Where is the scariest place you’ve ever been?”  Come to think of it I rarely ever hear anyone ask me “What’s my go to method for protecting myself while on an investigation?”

Investigators like myself like to remain safe while still having paranormal experiences.  To tell you the truth in the beginning of my quest to seek out strange activity, I didn’t have any kind of method or even think about protecting myself.  I was young and leading my friends into haunted buildings with a video camera and a Ouija board. I was only interested in having some kind of experience and being able to catch it on camera.

After becoming a seasoned investigator I’ve learned to realize the dangers and take into consideration that you really never know what could happen on a case.  So what’s my go to method?  I approach every investigation with a very positive mindset like I do with everything in life.  I tell myself that nothing bad will happen to me.  Much like shielding, I’ve envisioned a protective light around myself.  I have blessed St. Benedict and St Michael medallions that were given to me by Lorraine Warren that I’ve often kept with me on investigations.


I get asked this a lot. It’s hard for me to answer because I think it’s so personal and each person is different in their views. What works for one person may not work for another. We don’t know what these entities are made up of so it’s really hard to say, “Do x, y, and z and you won’t have attachments”. With that said, I have seen the benefits of using and practicing different forms of protection. Generally speaking, I think it’s best for an investigator to practice what they believe in the most. For example, if you’re Catholic and want blessed medals and holy water with you, then do that. If you’re not really religious, but believe in the power of envisioning a white light around you, then do that.

A location I was at recently, I wore a blessed medal, but not because of my religious views. I wore it because my loved one gave it to me for protection. I put a lot of faith in that person and I know they would protect me at all costs, so I feel positive when I wear their medal. Mostly though, I stick to thinking positive thoughts before I go on an investigation, sometimes I envision a white light surrounding me and if something came home with me I’ll sage. There was a point after many investigations where I felt like there was this negativity surrounding me so I did a cleanse. To do this, I stood in the shower and imagined the negativity washing down the drain. Also, bring flashlights. I’ve been hurt at quite a few locations. Old buildings in the dark will do that to you.


Psychic shielding is second nature to me after being on so many investigations. It’s pretty basic–visualize yourself in a bubble of light and focus your intent on keeping unpleasant entities at bay. It’s simple and effective and I do it without conscious thought most of the time. But that’s mostly for when I’m out and about and prefer not to have any direct interaction with spiritual forces. It’s the metaphysical equivalent of saying ‘stay out of my space!’

However, when I want to avoid any contact whatsoever, I tend to ward an entire room (or house). Basically, I envision the walls/floor/ceiling coated in protective light and double check all points of entry (i.e. doors, windows, …and mirrors.) Visualization, focus, and belief are key here. Of course, I’m simplifying this method to some extent, but that’s it in a nutshell–and I can confirm it works rather well for the bored, attention-seeking entities who would like to creep me out when I would just really, really prefer to go to sleep. Oh–and do remember to take it down when you’re done with it.

Also, be polite and respectful to the entities and areas that deserve it. It’s just good manners.



Everyone is different and we encourage you to find the method that works for you. If you have a preferred method to protect yourself spiritually, let us know in the comments. Stay safe out there!

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  1. It’s awesome that you continue to delve into the study of the paranormal. The subject deserves the attention and innovative scientific research that you bring. I’m a big fan of the Paranormal Lockdown program. I am jazzed to have found this site. My experiences with the paranormal have been validated with the growing information being brought forth in this field by groups like yours.

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